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  • Authors: Abd El Lateef, E. M.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Mekki, B. B.; Abd El-Salam, M. S.; El-Metwally, I. M. (2021)

  • The results showed that the herbicides Betasana-Trio at 0.9 l fed−1, Tigro at 1.0 l fed−1 and Betasana-Trio at 0.675 l fed−1 when sprayed twice could effectively and/or completely eliminate the broadleaved weeds associated with sugar beet plants. Moreover, the results indicated and confirmed that Tigro and Betasana-Trio herbicides are effective in controlling broadleaved weeds. Similar tendency was recorded for the narrow-leaved weeds, where Select Super or Betanal MaxxPro at 0.5 l fed−1 as well as Select Super at 0.375 l fed−1 could completely eliminate or minimize the narrow-leaved weeds associated with sugar beet plants. The greatest significant root length, root diameters and root...

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  • Authors: Abd El Lateef, E. M.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Wali, Asal M.; Abd El-Salam, M. S. (2021)

  • The results showed that there were varietal differences in yield and yield components regardless fertilizer application. Either phosphatic or potassic fertilization significantly increased mungbean yield and yield components traits. Significant effects due to the interaction (V × P) were reported on yield component traits in both seasons. Furthermore, the triple interaction (V × P × K) indicates that synergistic effect was reported for the two varieties and was more clearer for V2010 where it needed both of P and K nutrients to out yield the greatest seed yield ha−1, while Kawmy-1 gave the greatest seed yield ha−1 without K application.