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  • Authors: Babaei, Mahsa;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Graves, Jeanne Freeland-; Sachdev, Prageet K.; Wright, Gary J. (2022)

  • A total of 222 subjects completed the Dental Nutrition knowledge and Attitudes and Behavior questionnaires and were assessed for periodontal status. The demographics and periodontal-related characteristics of the respondents are summarized in Table 1. The average age was 35.13 ± 8.5 yr, and the majority were Hispanic (59.89%), with less than a high school degree (45.48%) and an annual income of < $25,000 (63.05%). Most participants brushed their teeth twice a day (65.34%) and flossed once daily (49.08%). All participants exhibited periodontal disease, with a CAL mean value of 1.742 ± 0.75. The majority were in stage 1 (43.4%), with 39.4% in stage 2, and 17.2% in stage 3. However, no o...