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  • Authors: Bagarello, V.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Iovino, M.; Lai, J. (2019)

  • This investigation, making use of simulated infiltration runs for initially unsaturated sand to silty clay loam soils, showed that, with a run duration of practical interest (e.g., 2 h), the PI can be expected to yield more accurate estimates of Ks in coarse‐textured soils than in fine‐textured soils even if the transient method is used instead of the steady‐state method. Performing a three‐level experiment and analyzing the estimated steady‐state infiltration rates with both the TPD and MPD approaches is a way to predict the reliability of the estimated Ks value. The Ks accuracy should be acceptable if the two approaches yield similar results. Otherwise, the MPD approach should be ex...