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  • Authors: Bakhoum, Gehan Shaker;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Sadak, Mervat Shamoon; Badr, Elham Abd El Moneim (2020)

  • The obtained results showed that salt stress with 4000 mg/L recorded the highest values of all the studied growth characters, photosynthetic pigments, some physiological aspects, seed yield/plant and oil %. On the other hand, the highest values of head diameter, head circumference, weight 50 seed and crude protein were obtained by control treatment. Meanwhile, the highest values of proline and free amino acid were recorded under higher salinity level (8000 mg/L). On the other hand, all chitosan treatments significantly enhanced growth and productivity of sunflower plant. Also, the obtained data that, chitosan concentration (50 mg/L) recorded the highest values of all the studied growt...