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  • Authors: Bagnall, D.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Morgan, C.L.S.; Molling, C.C.; Heilman, G.L.; Moore, G.W. (2019)

  • Water is preferentially conducted away from the soil surface through large cracks formed in shrink–swell soils, which complicates our ability to calculate the partitioning of water into infiltration and runoff. Preferential flow paths affect the hydrology of a landscape but often are not included in hydrology models. The Precision Agricultural‐Landscape Modeling System (PALMS) contains a Mesopore and Matrix (M&M) module that allows preferential flow and was tested on cracking soil at the pedon and small watershed scale for this study. Four irrigation events were conducted on 10‐m by 10‐m plots of a cracking soil, and volumetric water content (VWC) output for PALMS with and without the...