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Title: Comparative study for the effect of arginine and sodium nitroprusside on sunflower plants grown under salinity stress conditions
Authors: Ramadan, A.A.
Participants: Elhamid, E.M.A.
Sadak, M.Sh.
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Bulletin of the National Research Centre, Vol 43:118 (2019)
Abstract: Free amino acids showed significant increase in both unstressed and stressed sunflower plants treated with either arginine or SNP. High level of arginine recorded the highest values of TSS, proline, free AA, phenol, and IAA in both unstressed and salinity stressed plants. Arginine and SNP with salinity levels showed a highly significant increase in various antioxidant enzymes compared to the control plants. Arginine or SNP at all tested concentrations decreased significantly plant content of Na, while K and P highly significantly increased and Ca, Mg, and N non-significantly increased. The yield parameters showed in general highly significant increase in head diameter, 100-seed weight, seed yield/plant, and oil% with arginine or SNP with the superiority of the higher concentration of both treatment materials. Both arginine and SNP increased markedly total unsaturated (TU) fatty acids as well as TU/TS with superiority of high concentration of SNP treatment in that domain.
ISSN: 2522-8307
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