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Title: Genetic and biochemical studies on some Egyptian wheat genotypes under drought stress
Authors: Heiba, Samy A. A.
Participants: Osman, Samira A.
Eldessouky, Sara E. I.
Haiba, Atef A. A.
Ali, Rania T.
Issue Date: 2021
Series/Report no.: Bulletin of the National Research Centre, Volume 45 (2021), Article number: 151
Abstract: Sids 12 genotype recorded the highest SW, SL and SN. Considering the number of grains/plant and the number of spikes/plant are the principal yield components, and 100 grains weight is the principal yield quality, Sids 12 also declared its tolerance to water regime on regarding the plant productivity to grains’ number/plant and scored the lowest SSI. Pollen viability and protein profile were also affected as a response to the water regime. Proline concentration in fresh leaves emphasizes the tolerance of Sids 12, Misr 2 and Gemmieza 9 genotypes to the water deficit.
ISSN: 2522-8307
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