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Title: Aspects of inlet geometry and dynamics
Authors: Vu Thi Thu Thuy
Advisor: Nielsen, P.
Callaghan, David P.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: The University of Queensland, Australia
Series/Report no.: A thesis of Doctor of Philosophy, 2013
Abstract: This thesis contains new analytical approaches as well as laboratory- and field experiments conducted to understand the hydrodynamic and morphodynamic responses of tidal inlets to forcing from tides, river flow and waves on the time scales of closure, flood or storm events. The thesis outcome is effective new tools for authorities managing coastal zones balancing navigation-, shore protection- and socio-economic development purposes. A new method of coastal inlet classification based on dimensionless parameters is presented. These parameters represent the relative strength of the three main forcing agents: tides, river flow and waves. This new classification is applied to 178 inlets along the NSW coast of Australia, and compared with other widely used classification schemes available in the literature
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