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  • Authors: Baker, K.M.A.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Eldessouky, S.E.I. (2019)

  • In normal planting date, the results showed that means of lint yield for homozygous entries (population I and II) were greater than mean yields of heterozygous entries (population III and IV). In late planting date, the results showed that mean of lint yield for some homozygous entries was equal mean yields of heterozygous entries. Regarding the yield, there was no significant difference between inbreds and blend of hybrids. However, the heterozygous populations had a lower (SSI) and more tolerance for late planting than homozygous populations. In late planting date, the two parents G.90 × CB.58 and G.95 had lint yield equal to or greater than means of blends (heterozygous populations...