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  • Authors: Wahba, Hend E.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Abd Rabbu, Hala S.; Ibrahim, Mohamed E. (2020)

  • The chemical composition of coriander oil was analyzed by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS). The analysis of coriander essential oil showed that linalool was the main constituent of dry seed oil under all conditions. It recorded 59.6, 59.28 and 47.69% of the treatments of the oil at zero time, stored in cool conditions and stored at room temperature, respectively. Concerning oil constituents of coriander waste (the remained herb after collecting seeds), the results showed that trans-anethole was the major oil constituent, followed by linalool compound. The quality of the stored oil in the refrigerator after harvest was better than the stored oil from seeds or waste under ro...