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  • Authors: da Silva, A.L.B.R.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Hashiguti, H.T.; Zotarelli, L.; Migliaccio, K.W.; Dukes, M.D. (2018)

  • Potato was grown under seepage, subirrigation with tile drainage, subsurface drip irrigation (SDI), and sprinkler irrigation. Irrigation zones were classified as sandy soil with low soil organic matter (SOM) and high bulk density (Bd), or loamy sand soil with high SOM and low Bd. Upward soil water flux supplied enough water to the root zone to meet ETc when the water table was at the 69‐cm depth for loamy sand soils under seepage, and 42 and 45 cm for sandy soils under subirrigation and SDI, respectively. The sprinkler‐irrigated area had no control over the water table, whereby the cumulative contribution of upward water flux still averaged 6.3 cm, suggesting that irrigation rates cou...