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  • Authors: El-Mekkawi, Samar A.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: El-Ibiari, N. N.; El-Ardy, Ola A.; Abdelmonem, Nabil M.; Elahwany, Ahmed H.; Abadir, Magdi F.; Ismail, Ibrahim M. (2020)

  • The selection of the most suitable strain for biodiesel production was based on the oil content. The results revealed that the oil contents of Nannochloropsis sp., S. platensis, S. obliquus, and M. aeruginosa are 8%, 12%, 16%, and 20%, respectively; the lipid productivities are 2, 4.8, 5.6, and 6 mg·L− 1·d− 1, respectively; and the biomass productivities are 25, 40, 35, and 30 mg·L− 1·d− 1, respectively. M. aeruginosa has the highest lipid content and the highest lipid productivity which is desired for biodiesel production. Examining the S/V ratios of 1.8, 0.9, 0.63, and 0.48, the results revealed that the biomass yield for M. aeruginosa is 23.3, 45, 42.4, and 33.8 mg·L− 1·d− 1, respe...