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  • Authors: Usman, Abdullahi Garba;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Ghali, Umar Muhammad; Degm, Mohamed Alhosen Ali; Muhammad, Salisu M.; Hincal, Evren; Kurya, Abdulaziz Umar; Işik, Selin; Hoti, Qendresa; Abba, S. I. (2022)

  • Hormone production by the thyroid gland is a prime aspect of maintaining body homeostasis. In this study, the ability of single artificial intelligence (AI)-based models, namely multi-layer perceptron (MLP), support vector machine (SVM), and Hammerstein–Weiner (HW) models, were used in the simulation of thyroidism status. The study's primary aim is to unveil the best performing model for the simulation of thyroidism status using hepatic enzymes and hormones as the independent variables. Three statistical metrics were used in evaluating the performance of the models, namely determination coefficient (R2), correlation coefficient (R), and mean squared error (MSE).