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  • Authors: Kuchta, S.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Neilsen, D.; Forge, T.; Zebarth, B.J.; Nichol, C. (2020)

  • The temporal pattern of drainage and NO3 leaching was driven by seasonal precipitation and growing season irrigation. Growing season drainage and NO3 leaching were much lower under ET‐scheduled irrigation compared with fixed irrigation. Nitrate leaching was high (up to 90 kg N ha−1), even with no managed N inputs due to high inherent soil fertility and large quantities of N applied in irrigation water. Nitrate leaching was insensitive to N fertilizer rate. Application of N as poultry manure more than doubled NO3 leaching compared with fertilizer, emphasizing the need to use organic N inputs judiciously. The perennial grass alley cover crop resulted in the greatest overall reduction in...