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  • Authors: Ehosioke, S.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Nguyen, F.; Rao, S.; Kremer, T.; Placencia‐Gomez, E.; Huisman, J.A.; Kemna, A.; Javaux, M.; Garré, S. (2020)

  • We review the potential and limitations of low‐frequency electrical techniques for root zone investigation, discuss the mechanisms behind electrical conduction and polarization in the soil–root continuum, and address knowledge gaps. A range of electrical methods for root investigation is available. Reported methods using current injection in the plant stem to assess the extension of the root system lack robustness. Multi‐electrode measurements are increasingly used to quantify root zone processes through soil moisture changes. They often neglect the influence of root biomass on the electrical signal, probably because it is yet to be well understood. Recent research highlights the pote...