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  • Authors: Algeo, J.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Slater, L.; Binley, A.; Van Dam, R.L.; Watts, C. (2018)

  • In this study we performed controlled irrigation experiments using a multifrequency GPR system to compare two statistics used to quantify the ETS: average envelope amplitude (AEA) and carrier frequency amplitude (CFA). Supporting data were provided by direct measurements, electrical resistivity imaging (ERI), and synthetic modeling. In our first experiment, both statistics successfully related the ETS for 250 and 400 MHz GPR data to increasing water content. However, the 400 MHz AEA lost sensitivity at later stages of the irrigation process, whereas the 400 MHz CFA remained sensitive to changes in water content. The 1000 MHz data did not show the expected relationships, possibly due t...