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  • Authors: Priya, T. Kavya;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Hadhimane, Amith; Rai, Kirthi Kumar; Kumar, H. R. Shiva; Upasi, Amarnath P.; Naik, Vinayak Gourish (2021)

  • Primary chronic osteomyelitis is a rare occurrence in the pediatric mandible though it exclusively affects the mandible with no age preference. The absence of pus, fistula and sequestration are characteristic with insidious onset lacking an acute state. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology. It has two peaks of incidence: initial peak at adolescence and the second peak after the age of 50 years. Clinical and radiological presentation does not suffice the diagnosis of Primary chronic osteomyelitis necessitating biopsy followed by histopathological examination. Use of several terms in the literature to describe this disease entity has led to further confusion. The Zur...