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  • Authors: Torshizi, Mahdieh Mousavi;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Raeeskarami, Seyed-Reza; Tahghighi, Fatemeh; Malakan-Rad, Elaheh; Moradinejad, Mohammad-Hassan; Aghighi, Yahya; Ziaee, Vahid (2022)

  • Participants’ clinical and laboratory characteristics This study evaluated 128 children (59.3% boys, 40.7% girls, mean age of 3.9 years). Of these, 90 children were diagnosed with KD (51 incomplete and 39 complete KD). The remaining 38 participants were enrolled as controls (20 as healthy controls and 18 as febrile controls). Compared to complete KD, patients with incomplete KD had a significantly longer duration of fever before diagnosing KD, higher PLT count and lower hemoglobin. On the other hand, serum CRP, ALT and ALK levels were significantly higher incomplete KD patients. Clinical and laboratory characteristics of KD and control groups are shown