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  • Authors: Oraby, Hanaa Abdel-Sadek;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Aboul-Maaty, Nadia Aboul-Ftooh; Al-Sharawi, Hayam Ahmad; Osman, Noha Mohamed (2022)

  • Screening animal feed samples for the presence of genetic modification The CaMVP35S promoter investigated in the present work (P-35S) was identified in all collected animal feed samples (1, 2, and 3) screened for the presence of genetic modification (Fig. 1). The figure also includes PCR products of amplified primers for nptII and aadA in diet samples.The presence of the amplified primers in DNA of the chosen animal feed (Animal diet 1) was further confirmed by DNA sequencing. The internal nucleotide sequencing analysis results of the PCR amplicon obtained from the amplification of primers for CaMV promoter (P-35S) and the antibiotic resistance marker genes nptII and aadA are include...