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Title: Influence of intermittent flow on removal of organics in a biological activated carbon filter (BAC) used as post-treatment for greywater
Authors: A.Hess,
Participants: C.Bettex,
E. Morgenroth,
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Water Research X, Volume 9, 1 December 2020, 100078
Abstract: The performance of the BAC filters was assessed based on total organic carbon (TOC) removal, TOC fractions and growth potential. No significant differences were observed between constant flow compared to on-off operation with intermittent flow over the range of tested influent concentrations. Peaks with high TOC during 24 h periods were attenuated by sorption and biological degradation. Adsorbed TOC was released after switching back to normal concentrations for influent concentrations more than 5 times higher than usually observed, the BAC functioned as a temporary sink. In line with these results, the high influent TOC values led to increased biological activity in the filter but did not influence the sorption capacity. The experiments showed that intermittent flow does not negatively impact the performance of a BAC and that there is no need for additional equalization tanks to buffer the variable flow, for example in household-scale greywater treatment.
ISSN: 2589-9147
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