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Title: Potential role of kaolin or potassium sulfate as anti-transpirant on improving physiological, biochemical aspects and yield of wheat plants under different watering regimes
Authors: Abdallah, Maha Mohamed Shater
Participants: El-Bassiouny, Hala Mohamed Safwat
AbouSeeda, Mohamed Aly
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Bulletin of the National Research Centre, Vol 43:134 (2019)
Abstract: Water stress led to a decrease in growth parameters, yield components, photosynthetic pigments, and carbohydrate contents as compared to 80% of WHC. Meanwhile, water stress caused significant increases in some compatible solute (total soluble sugar, free amino acids, and proline) and some antioxidant enzymes activities. Foliar treatments of wheat plants with kaolin or K2SO4 led to an increase in growth parameters, yield components, photosynthetic pigments, and carbohydrate constituents. More accumulation of the organic solutes of leaves (total soluble sugar and free amino acids), antioxidant enzyme activities, and some minerals (N, P, K, and Ca) was observed. Data also illustrated that the nutritional values of the grain yield of wheat were also improved when sprayed with kaolin and K2SO4.
ISSN: 2522-8307
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