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Title: Inlet morpho-dynamics during a storm event inferred from tidal records: A case study of the Brunswick River, NSW, Australia
Authors: Vu, Thi Thu Thuy
Participants: Nielsen, P.
Callaghan, D.P.
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Engineering Research, 2(2), 2013, 6 p.
Abstract: A 24.5h moving window is used to analyse storm effects on the tidal dynamics. Compared to earlier studies using window lengths varying between 2h (for tsunami analysis) to 14 days for tidal inlet analysis, the present method provides good resolution of variations of hydraulic efficiency during storms or floods. The importance of de-trending before carrying out the harmonics analysis has been studied and it was found to be highly important. De-trending involved removing the 24.5h mean before harmonic analysis. The main results are the morphodynamic timescale Tmorph and the varying response functions F1 and F2 of the diurnal and semi-diurnal tidal constituents through a storm event at the Brunswick River, Australia.
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