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  • Authors: Abd-El-Khair, Hassan;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Abdel-Gaied, Tarek G.; Mikhail, Maurice S.; Abdel-Alim, Ahmed I.; Seif El-Nasr, Hamdy I. (2021)

  • The tested treatments could protect the potato tubers against the development of soft rot. T. viride and T. virens were highly effective in reducing soft rot symptoms on inoculated potato tuber slices, when applied at the same time or 2 h before pathogen inoculation, while B. megaterium and T. harzianum were highly effective when applied at the same time or 2 h after pathogen inoculation. In whole potato tubers technique, B.pumilus highly protected the stored potato tuber under artificially infection conditions, than P. fluorescens, T. harzianum, B. subtilis, T. viride, T. virens and B. megaterium, respectively.