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  • Authors: Yahaya, Tajudeen O.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Oladele, Esther O.; Mshelia, Mari B.; Sifau, Mutiu O.; Fashola, Oluwatosin D.; Bunza, M. D. A.; Nathaniel, Josephine (2021)

  • The results showed that age class 50–59 years (35.8%) was the most susceptible to T2DM, while age class 30–39 years (8.6%) was the least. Female diabetics accounted for 56.8%, while males constituted 43.2%. Diabetes was less prevalent among singles (9.5%), while married couples had the highest prevalence (55.6%). Primary school leavers were the least diabetic (9.9%), while secondary school leavers were the most diabetic (41.6%). Approximately 59.05% of the patients were overweight, while 5.35% were underweight. Blood group O positive was the most prevalent (38.5%; p < 0.05), followed by A positive (20.2%; p < 0.05), and the least was AB negative (4.5%). Severe conditions were less com...