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  • Authors: Iqbal, Rashid;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Raza, Muhammad Aown Sammar; Toleikiene, Monika; Ayaz, Muhammad; Hashemi, Fatemeh (2020)

  • This review paper shows the consequences of partial root-zone drying happening on various plant species, its advantages and disadvantages, and also the hormone production under partial root-zone drying. In this technique of irrigation, a wet-dry cycle irrigates the crop, i.e., irrigation is scheduled at a regular interval with half way root drying.

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  • Authors: Elshafei, A.;  Advisor: -;  Participants: Barakat, M.; Milad, S.; Khattab, S.; Al-mutlaq, M. (2019)

  • The direct in vitro selection method indicated that the callus weight of the two cultivars was significantly decreased in response to increasing ABA concentrations. The shoot formation revealed significant differences among ABA concentrations and highly significant for interaction between rice cultivars and ABA concentrations. The percentage of shoot formation either increased or decreased with increasing ABA levels in rice cultivars. However, Giza 178 cultivar was slightly stable for shoot formation than the cultivar Sakha 102. The obtained results for stepwise selection method indicated also that the shoot formation was obtained till 6 mg/L ABA. The results of the RAPD analysis indi...