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Title: The antimicrobial and antioxidant property, GC–MS analysis of non-edible oil-seed cakes of neem, madhuca, and simarouba
Authors: A. VasudhaUdupa,
Participants: Gowda, Balakrishna
Kumarswammy, B. E.
Shivanna, M. B.
Issue Date: 2021
Series/Report no.: Bulletin of the National Research Centre, Volume 45 (2021), Article number: 41
Abstract: The hot neem and cold acetone extracts of madhuca and simarouba were inhibitory to Staphylococcus aureus. The enteric pathogens-Enterococcus faecalis and Salmonella enterica were inhibited by both hot and cold extracts of simarouba cake. Fusarium oxysporum and Colletotrichum capsici were sensitive to oil-seed cake extracts of madhuca and simarouba cake extracts followed by neem cake extract. The Aspergillus flavus was highly sensitive to neem followed by madhuca and simarouba extracts. The cyclic voltammetry of all extracts indicated the presence of oxidation peaks at different Epa values suggesting the presence of antioxidant ability. The GC–MS profile revealed the presence of pharmacologically important essential compounds.
ISSN: 2522-8307
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